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    I am a 50 something urban homesteader, selling my house to move rural.

    I currently own a handgun (S&W 459 9mm) and a shotgun (Mossberg 12G pump) and am researching what kind of rifle would be good for my new rural homestead.

    I am a good shot, not pro and not wild, just get within the target lines. I have hunted in the past with a 30-06 but feel with my age and all this would be too much for me now. Not to mention that I am a petite female at only 5’1″ tall and 120Lbs.

    The areas I am looking to move to are all what I call “big snow country”. The wildlife ranges from Moose to pronghorn, Grizzly to badger, with the usual cougar, bobcat, wolf, coyote and rabbits, etc.

    So basically my criteria is a leaver action, short barrel (no longer than 20″), accurate rifle with the stopping power for the animals I may run across or have to hunt if the SHTF.

    In short the basic functions that I would like the rifle to be good at are: animal defense, food hunting, home defense (in that order). Then tack on – good easy to acquire and cheap ammo.

    My “friends” have many suggestions from AR’s, AK’s to Savage, Winchester and Marlin ranging from 22’s to 30-06’s. Somehow I just don’t picture the 22 being good unless I was a sharp shooter and could make a brain shot without thinking, as I stated previously I think the 30-06 would be “too much” for me to be accurate enough with and the “assault” rifles just don’t come across or look like hunting & animal defense rifles to me.

    I figure that some kind of leaver action 30-30 would be my best choice. Am I way off base, or thinking with reality?

    That said, what type of rifle do y’all suggest for me?

    From a 50 Something, soon to be rural homesteading, Prepper ;-}

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