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    The snow storm in the mid atlantic region has left many scrabling for food and other items.
    Here is a short quote from an AP news release:
    In Dover, Del., Shanita Foster lugged three gallons of water out of a Dollar General store.

    “That’s all we need right now. We’ve got everything else,” said Foster, adding that she was ready with candles in case the power went out.

    Shoppers jammed aisles and emptied stores of milk, bread, shovels, driveway salt and other supplies. Many scrambling for food and supplies were too late.

    “Our shelves are bare,” said Food Lion front-end manager Darlene Baboo in Dover. “This is just unreal.”

    This is just a “”regional” short term event can you immagine what will happen if TSHTF on a big scale? How about a EMP or nuklear attack on several cities? A biological or wide spread chemical attack…
    Do not count to find anything in the stores even before the worse of any event hit.
    Prepare and be safe.


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