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    I hate it when I forget a key piece of equipment. In an emergency not having the cord to charge or connect can make all the difference.
    Modification on Goal0 Lighthouse Lantern – Unscrewed the bottom realized that there was enough room to fit the DC car adapter cord in the battery compartment (silver duct tape).
    Never misplace the DC car adapter cord again.


    Taped a USB cord to the inner disc that covers the battery compartment.
    USB plugs are visible in the first pic on the flip side. Taped so the plugs faces in toward the battery compartment.

    Cord which connects the lantern to the portable solar panel is keep with the panel but I wanted a way to make sure when we grabbed the lantern we would also have the car adapter and a cord to charge our emergency cell phone which is kept in the same place as the lantern.
    I wasn’t able to find a way to include the regular wall charger due to it’s size & weight but that isn’t as much of a concern since this is an emergency item – power would be off.

    Apologies for the poor pic quality.

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