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    Even if you don’t own a radio you can participate! This is for everyone.

    Hi Im a new member to this forum (but not new to prepping). Call me Tango Mike. Im in the NE OK region.

    AS I can see there isn’t a whole lot of action here, maybe I can spark a local community in a new way to connect.

    I am an AmRRON radio operator and Net Control Station for the South Central portion of the United States. What is AmRRON? Visit AmRRON stands for the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network and is a national/international network made up of patriot radio operators. This a a large Network that trickles down into the Channel3 Project which includes CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS.

    Even if you are not able to check into these NETS (of which there are hundreds monthly) you can monitor by using shortwave radio,, or by listening on a transceiver.

    I have been apart of AmRRON for for two years and I have made more connections with great people locally as well as nationally through very interactive and fun experiences. Far more than FORUMS and MEETUPs could ever accomplish. If you really want to find like minded and build regular relationships, AND still maintain your PERSEC, this is the best way I have found so far. You will learn more than you ever thought possible through AmRRON. There are great prepper communities that meet weekly on the air and have great topical discussions. For Example the TAPRN NET out of N. Georgia (The American Preparedness Radio Network). Huge following there, new topics every week and even if you don’t have a radio, there is a chat room you can log into and also listen via

    And the training exercises, oh my. There is constant training happening here including full weekend operations and scenarios. You decide how deep you can participate. No its not s trip to meet up. Its designed so you do your own training, but everyone else is training at the same time over a prearranged scenario created and delivered by AmRRON leadership, with plenty of debrief to help you become more prepared.
    Need help getting licensed for HAM radio? AmRROn has great resources.

    AND BEST of all…It’s FREE!!!! AND…Anonymous! So much training here you won’t have time for it all! And the friendliest people!

    So visit today.

    And now for my NET info:

    You can find my NETS on Sunday Nights.
    The South Central regional Sunday night NET is a 30 min NET every Sun Night @ 7:15pm Central.
    40/80m (depending on season)
    7.240 mhz lsb +or- QRM
    3.835 mhz lsb +or- QRM

    You will hear check ins from AR, KS, OK, TX, MO, AZ, GA, AL, TN, LA and more! on this NET

    Locally the Tulsa Greater area Simplex 2m NET
    146.420 simplex @ 8pm Central time.

    TAPRN NETS are also Sunday nights. Visit the for more details.

    Thanks for reading and considering. Hope to hear you an the air and get OKLAHOMA prepare community in gear!

    Tango Mike

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