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    Listen up,

    There is a shift in the air, and now we need to come together within our area’s. I need you guys to bring your idea’s, and your A game, for we need to get a tighter network up, and we need to act fast.
    I an pretty sure that if we as a community, want better for the family, when a 24 hour clock starts to run, just a few people will not be enough, if you agree……… please pm me and lets get a better untied community, and work together, for the time is upon us and we can not waste it.

    I want to have a State meet, need suggestions from all of you, Leader’s, Father’s, anyone with a small group, let us come together for the good of all.

    If you are interested………..PM me………… or post here………. this is good for the whole community and needs to take place VERY SOON.


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