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    we finally finished buying and supplying our armory, for me and my two children. we have practiced all summer and are totally satisfied with our selections of firearms and have stocked our supply of ammo as well.

    now this winter we will build our to-go packs, I think they will cost us about $200 each for 3 of them. But they will be packed just the way we want them and have everything we want in them including enough to survive (if we stretch it) for two weeks just on the packs. Plus we will do some more winter camping this year so we don’t get rusty. I will build an extra one for the truck also, a little heavier and with some added stuff in it in the advent that in an emergency or in an event where TSHTF we could take the truck we can throw it in there. along with our stash of food and water.

    It makes me a happy father to be prepared, and I sleep better at night knowing I can take care of my children no matter what may or may not happen in the future. I grew up surviving, raised on a farm, grew, raised, hunted and fished for what we ate. We never had much when I grew up and now I am happy for that because I can pass all that knowledge on to my own children.

    I pray every night that many of the people up here in Alaska are prepared for what may come our way in the future, but my gut feeling is that they are not and that they have no clue. I will feel sorry for them if the world as we know it stops, and especially because I won’t be able to help them, I can only help my own through that time.

    All you preppers I am thankful for, you people know and will be ready and life will go on…

    take care, keep your powder dry.

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