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    I noticed one of the other states has a “Gab” thread. So I am jumping on the bandwagon and creating one for us, too 🙂 Y’all know I am a serious gabber, and I like to talk about what I have planned, what I have done, etc. As you guys are as much my friends as people I meet in real life, why not chat with you??? It seems the chatrooms are almost always deserted when I go in there, so here – this can act like an old-time newsboard irl chat type thing. Follow? :shakeyes:

    So – what do you all have planned for today – going into the new year? We are packing for a trip to my sister in virginia. I have to go to the neighbors and ask her to watch the house, she’s great! We took a last minute trip for Christmas, and didn’t notify her. By the 2nd morning, she called me and wanted to make sure we were all ok and not stuck in the blizzard because we never came home last night 🙂

    So other than packing – laundry, cooking and basic tasks, its going to be a slow day. I may shovel some coal so we are ready to start up the stove when we get back, if the weather holds. I have to check it to see if it would be better to do that today or when we get back. I am not used to all the outdoor chores and my body has really taken a beating. I will be glad to get away from them for a few days, and really have a greater appreciation for what my husband does when he is home.

    Anyone want to join in for a gab?

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