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    We are considering adding a cooking event to our next Medical, Communications & Swap Meet seminar ; So we are just starting out with this idea. Would appreciate suggestions, guidelines and/or rules for a fun event to help others that attend learn from seasoned outdoor cooks. Prizes will be “Prepper stuff” no cash; Judging will be done by non professional, non cooking attendees; Please add your ideas!! Than kyou

    So far: Prepper Cooking Fair- This is for fun & learning

    All cooking must be done with wood or natural ingredients- No fossil fuels or charcoal

    All fires must be ignited by natural means; No matches, fossil fuel lighters or fluids

    All cooking to be done on ground fire- No BBQ pits or stoves

    Solar ovens are approved

    Food turn in will be at 6:00 pm on Saturday

    Foods may not be prepared prior to Arrival at event location; Do not marinate meats or dishes prior to arrival

    You must bring tour own spices & Spices may be pre mixed;

    Three divisions-


    Vegetable Dish


    One entry per person in each division; Cooking teams will be allowed with one entry fee, but can only enter one dish per division unless additional entry fees are paid

    $5.00 entry fee per person (This will go to rewards)

    RSVP for Cooking event prior to attending

    After judging, expect UR dish to be tasted & consumed by attendees

    Please share UR methods & techniques with other attendees; Protect UR recipes as needed

    Judges will be NON professional team of 3 people selected from attendees

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