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    Pennsylvania Army depot explosion leaves at least 3 injured, officials say

    At least three people were injured Thursday in an explosion at a Pennsylvania Army depot that houses missiles and ammunition, officials said.

    The Franklin County Office of Emergency Management told Fox News three people were airlifted from the Letterkenny Army Depot after the blast, and there was no threat to the public.

    It wasn’t immediately clear how severe the injuries were; however, employees reported seeing two coworkers run out of a building “screaming and on fire, one with chemical burns,” ABC27 reported.

    Christine McLarty @ChristineABC27

    BREAKING: We’re communicating with employees who tell us 2 of their coworkers ran out of a building screaming and on fire, one with chemical burns. The source tells us authorities are busing employees to a staging area to get a headcount. Stay tuned to @abc27News for the latest.
    abc27 WHTM


    BREAKING: We have a crew headed to Letterkenny Army Depot. An explosion happened around 7:15 a.m. and several injuries have been reported.
    8:25 AM – Jul 19, 2018 · Pennsylvania, USA

    The Franklin Fire Company said that an “active fire” was reported at Building 350.

    The incident happened around 7:15 a.m. at the facility in Chambersburg, located about 50 miles southwest of Harrisburg, according to FOX43.

    The depot said in a series of Facebook posts that were later deleted the explosion took place in the industrial area at Building 350, and that “there is no suspicion of terrorist activity in regards to this incident.”

    “There has been an explosion in the industrial area at Bldg 350, Letterkenny Army Depot. The incident is contained and will not affect depot operations or workforce safety elsewhere,” the depot said. “There were injuries that fire and emergency services have treated and individuals have been transported to medical facilities.

    The facility asked employees to “remain at your work area until further notified. If you are outside of the main gate, please do not attempt entrance at this time.”

    The 18,000-acre depot has more than 3,600 employees who help provide “responsive and sustainable readiness for the US and Allied Air and Missile Defense forces.”

    Established in 1942, the facilities assist in maintaining and storing missiles and ammunition.

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