PA Farm Land Preservation

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    Pennsylvania Farmland Preservation Association, documents 442,731 acres preserved on 4,073 farms leading the nation in “preservation” efforts. In light of what has been taking place in our beloved country, it is not out of bounds to question everything these days. The purpose of these preservation efforts is to stop urban sprawl. The means used to do so apparently is through the use of easements. An owner of a farm may donate easement rights or sell them. Granting easement rights for farm land preservation as originally and simply conceived was suppose to guarantee, “in perpetuity” that the land can only be used for farming and agricultural purposes.

    While trying to research my interest in garden sustainability and productivity, I was sidetracked by several prominent web sites that caught my attention. To make a long story short, I have attached to this post a short article I wrote that for me shed some light on this topic. While preservation efforts have been going on for a long time, it is like any other well intention idea where it seems the results have not solved the original premise of the problem, that of urban sprawl.

    Instead, the question is whether or not easements are another form of land grab and control. While this has been happening in many other states as well, it is a good bet that standards with regard to the actual legal instruments used to transact the transferring of rights are different in language and semantics where ever you go. Consequently, can the easement come back to bite the farmer in the form of compliance for such things as carbon sequestration or water quality credits for Cap & Trade ecosystem markets? Also, please note the Poll that will run for 30 days. TIA for your comments.

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