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    I’m a newbie and curious. I’ve read the PA meet up forum back to about 2010. I see where many have inquired about meet ups. Did any of them actually happen? All the comments seem to have been left open and nobody came back and made any comment on the outcome. Just curious.



    Hello… I used to be on here as Cher B. on New York Prepper.. Glad to finally get back on and say hello to some Pa Preppers after moving here from N.Y. a few years ago. My name is Cherrie Mckinstry and I am on Facebook in Lehighton Pa. Currently was back in school when things started to change on the planet.
    So needed to find some like minded people to talk to. Only recently saw a few local P reppers and it reminded me to try and log onto here once again.



    Hey…i met a few P reppers that meet at Dennies on weekends in the Whitehall area. Usually around lunch time.. Cherrie Mckinstry.



    Anyone into seed saving? I’m 62 and just starting to enjoy the outdoors again when it started raining a lot and get very hot when it wasn’t.



    I just spent about $140 on open pollinated seeds, hubs said they likely won’t germinate but I vacuum sealed them. They are not the packaged seeds but bought in bulk, lists the pollinated percentages too, most are very good. I bought a large variety enough for 2 years of planting, as I slow done, maybe 3 years. I made sure none were hybirds, so I can save them later. I may never need them but I sure feel some comfort in having them. There are many items not in them but its things I never use anyway.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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