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    Thought we could post good finds on prep items that are on sale in stores, throughout PA, as we find them. They can be specific grocery items, electronics, storage supplies, or whatever you find that might be helpful for household prepping.

    This week, I found Kitty Litter BOGO at Giant Food Stores, in Central PA.

    Kitty Litter-Tidy Cat-20# bag- buy one get one!
    Uses: Alternate Potty-line the plastic bags with it. Or store extra if you have a cat or two. The litter on sale is NOT the clumping kind, though, if that makes a difference.
    Price: $3.69 ea. BOGO= $3.69/for 2
    Where: Giant Food Stores

    This is a great price on peanut butter. It’s just going up in price and not often on sale for this price, anymore 🙁

    Peanut Butter-Wegman’s store brand-Small jar
    Price: .99 cents/jar!
    Where: Wegman’s Grocery store

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