PA Preppers in BEDFORD County

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    Hi All,

    As in the Subject, I’m from York, but I work in Harrisburg and I am simply trying to survive the defication that I feel is about to hit the oscillator 🙁 . I have a wife and 2 children. My wife thinks I am pretty paranoid and my girls think I’m the greatest ninja dad in the world. :ninja: I have been, what one would consider, prepping, for about a year now, with about a years supply of food and some other necessary survival supplies. My wife is a teacher and I am in steam. I operate and maintain a few boiler steam plants but was initially trained as a nuke in the navy :nuke: . I am, at least, somewhat paranoid because I didn’t even want to register for this forum for fear that the gov’t is tagging members of such sites with such tagged persons given a nice one way train ride to your nearest cozy fema camp once the SHTF :thumbdown: . I am really only overcomeing this fear because I feel the need to have some sort of network of prepared people outweighs the risk. So is that paranoid? I’m not sure. 😕
    So again, hi all looking forward to hopefully developing some friends of like mind so I don’t have just my wife as my only source of companionship and conversation should the world as we know it come to a sudden and drastic rearranging.


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