PA Preppers in BLAIR County

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    Hello All,

    New to the site here and from Central PA near Altoona area which is located about halfway between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. Looking forward to chatting with like minded people and getting all of your great ideas to make my plans as airtight as possible! Have been prepping for a few months but thinking about it for years. I work full time as a Nurse in a local hospital and am trying hard develop my skills in a way that will assist me in the possible SHTF world to come! I am currently redesigning parts of my house to accomodate my families new way of thinking. My wife is completely supportive and becoming quite the prepper herself! My 2 children (both boys) absolutely love it because it quadrupled the amount of time we spend in the woods. I am open to any discussion or even meetings. I am glad to see I am not alone in our area! Sometimes it surely feels like it!!

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