Pandemic Prep: College Student Flu Kit

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    College Student Flu Kit – PDF Attachment below

    Although this is in the ‘Pandemic’ thread, it’s good to pack for ALL college students in case of seasonal flu, as well. I made one up for our daughter and she’s already been using it to share some items w/ friends who came knocking on her door, when the medical staff was not on duty at college! 😉

    Being far away from home and getting sick can be horrible for your college student! Chances are that they are going to get sick just when the Health Center may not be staffed. Help them to be ready. Packing them a College Student Flu Kit. Kits can be packed in a large zip lock bag, a small thermal lunch bag, a plastic shoe box a fancy photo box … whatever works for your student-away-from-home. Be prepared for ‘ Sheeesh, I don’t need that’. BUT, if they get sick, they’ll thank you, later.

    Have your college student store the box in a safe place, but somewhere where they can get it, if they wake up feeling ill. (Maybe under the bed or in a nearby desk. Small dorms require some creativity). Items to include: (see attachment)

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