Pandemic Prep: Get a ‘Flu Buddy’

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    Do you have a FLU Buddy? PDF handout (attachment below)

    It’s a no-brainer, that everyone can use a little help. Especially, if you have a family member who is away from home often, your extended family lives far away or you live alone. Feeling miserable and stuck in your bed, this handout will detail the basic FLU supplies to keep on hand.

    During a pandemic (even a relatively mild one), households with only one responsible adult (regardless of the number of inhabitants) are going to be at greater risk. While the H1N1 virus has proved to be `relatively mild’ for the vast majority of
    people infected, that term may be a just a bit deceptive.

    `Mild’ generally means not requiring hospitalization. It doesn’t mean that this flu won’t knock you on your backside for 4 or 5 days. And while the vast majority will recover, that assumes some basic level of care.

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