Pandemic Prep: Sick Room Supplies

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    Sick Room Supplies

    In the event of a pandemic, unlike other disaster events, you will want to have specific items needed, gathered in one place, to be easily accessible QUICKLY. If a member of your family becomes ill with a serious PANDEMIC flu strain you will want these items already in place. The attachment below includes information from the CDC and a doctor from Atlanta who has done extensive work in pandemic preparations. You will find that if you are already making extensive emergency plans and purchasing medical supplies, that you have many of the items. The key is assembling them into an easily accessible grab-box.

    Here’s a snip: (Complete handout in attachment, below)

    On Feb. 1, 2007, The Centers for Disease Control introduced an interim plan

    “where ‘communities, individuals and families … will be asked to plan for the use of these interventions to help limit the spread of a pandemic, prevent disease and death, lessen the impact on the economy, and keep society functioning.”
    Keeping in mind that there is a possibility of substantial disruption in ‘Essential services’, including the overwhelming workload of our hospitals and other healthcare agencies, home-care of ill family members may be necessary. This also has been noted in the document referenced above:

    Page 19, Column 1
    1. ‘Isolation and treatment (as appropriate) with influenza antiviral medications of all persons with confirmed or probable pandemic influenza. Isolation may occur in the home or healthcare setting, depending on the severity of an individual’s illness and/or the current capacity of the healthcare infrastructure.

    2. Voluntary home quarantine of members of households with confirmed or probable influenza case(s) and consideration of combining this intervention with the prophylactic use of antiviral medications …..

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