Panic in Detroit…sorta

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    I spent Saturday in a typical fashion, running errands and shuffling the kids to various events. Later in the evening I decided I wanted some junk food and to grab the wife some smokes.

    Swung in Kroger to pick up these items and ran smack dab into a panic buying frenzy. I did not hit Facebook or listen to the radio all day so I was unaware that people began hitting all the grocery stores in a mild panic buying frenzy in advance of the coming bad weather.

    People cleared out the red meat section, potatoes, onions and most other standard stables. Lines were jammed pack with people. I had to go hunt down a shopping cart, something that never occurs. One couple told me this was their sixth store trying to find burger meat.

    Now, as a prepper, I found the situation somewhat humorous as I knew my family is prepared. But I did learn 2 valuable lessons.

    1. Always try to turn on the news sites or stay connected no matter how ordinary the day is going.
    2. Maybe a CPL is not a bad idea even though I live a fairly safe area. Had things went terribly wrong yesterday I would have not have been as ready as I could be to protect myself. Thankfully everyone was still very civil and cordial to each other but I know that if this was a true emergency that will change quickly.

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