Peanutbutter panic?

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    Heard a couple news outlets recently doing the Chicken Little rant about “skyrocketing” peanutbutter prices based on extensive crop shortage this year. Being a constant consumer of the peanutty goodness, I usually keep a half dozen quarts on hand… While at Aldi’s yesterday I noted their large “quart” jars for the usual price of under $3 Their pints are in the $1.50 range. Havent ventured to the other grocers yet, but as typical Id guess they are much higher- and going up even more? Just an FYI if you too like to keep some around.

    Also, finally found a few cans of corned beef back on the shelf- its been MIA for quite a while. Pretty much ONLY available as Product of Argentina, I think there may have been some processing issues in the southern hemisphere?

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