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    Prepping and spreading the message for Emergency Home Preparation where ever I can. -k


    Montgomery Co. checking in.

    The SHTF for me a couple of weeks ago…I lost my job…just trying to stay upbeat. I haven’t had to tap into any of my preps.

    I have been training at the range much more, now that I have more free time. I have also been joining new SF forums and have really been digging the Bushcraft forum.

    I also picked up some SS Naglene bottles to use in the winter time to melt snow.

    Planning on some weekend bushcraft/camping/gear testing in the next few months before it gets too hot for me. Location will be North of Harrisburg, so if you want to join us…send me a PM or email.


    Hi Folks
    Monroe County – Pocono’s

    A couple years ago, our church purchased 10 acres of land and we haven’t begun to build yet. A couple of us plowed some land and fenced it in. We’re trying to set up a food bank for the church allowing the older members an opportunity to eat as the economy gets worse. This year we added about 30 chickens, so things are getting busy.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some beehives, but not sure of the best way to go about it. I’ve got different plans for hive construction, but haven’t gone any further. If any of you have experience in this area, any info would be appreciated.

    Have a great day


    Allegheny County checking in…


    Checking in from Allegheny County.
    I bought a Dehydrator and have been running it every day drying frozen veggies that I buy on sale at GFS. We also purchased a Big Berkey water filter and bought a Propane Oven/Stove combo from Costco. Stockpiling Ammo and stored some Anti-Biotics. Bought Mylar bags and black buckets along with 150 pounds of Hard Winter Wheat and a Hand Grinder, so far we have 50 pounds of Rice put away and plan on getting more.
    Starting to consider keeping Meat Rabbits.



    Erie County checking in. We have a 1 years supply of food and are still adding to it. Tomorrow, we are purchasing 3 tons of coal for next winter. We ordered 15 laying hens and 1 rooster, we can’t wait until they get here! We are getting ready for spring planting.


    Bucks County here. OPSEC says Beans, Band aids and bullets. Most recently drove up to the Bishops house in New Jersey for long term staples. Learning as fast as I can.
    Take care and God bless.( Am I still allowed to say that?)


    East End of Pittsburgh here near the zoo.


    Propane backup for electricity – camping stove, lantern, catalytic heater…also be sure to get the fittings to re-fill the camping propane bottles from a big one…just a few bucks on ebay. Also got some hurricane lanterns and candles of course (which can be dangerous).

    Civil Defense radiation detection kit (2 Geiger counters – one with remote sensor which is very important, 6 dosimeters and charger) + 2 packs of iodine for the kids. Also a clean suit (one of those paper ones) and N95 filter masks.

    Communication Gear – multi-band tube radio (no EMP worries for me!), walkie-talkies (get ones with silent/vibrate alert mode and earphone jack), handheld CB radio ($1 at yard sale), even my Dad’s old handheld aircraft band radio.

    Sanitation supplies – 5 gal bucket w/snap on toilet lid (~$15 on ebay) stuffed full of TP. Bought bulk deodorant, toothpaste, vitamins @ Sam’s Club.

    Food supplies – The usual rice, beans, canned soup, veggies and fruits, sugar, flour. To help rotate the stock, I took a plywood sheet, and screwed 2 old bed frame rails in a “V” so that the oldest cans filter to the bottom of the “V”…now the trick is to force yourself to eat whatever is first which seems all to often to be canned corn. Also 4 boxes of Mountain House #10 cans.

    Water – Big Berkey filter w/4 elements, collapsible water hauler, bleach and treatment pills

    Personal Defense – Check. ’nuff said.

    Dehydrator and Food Saver – for hard economic/food supply times when you have to save every scrap of food

    Working on:

    Power – need to calculate how much juice it takes to run the fridge and furnace hot water pump. Thinking about getting small camping generator for little stuff like laptop, battery chargers, DVD, etc and a big one to run the appliances (due to differences in run times you’d need a ton of fuel to run a big one for a few days)

    Home security – have one security screen door for the back, need 2 more (one custom size – not cheap). Have bars in basement windows. Have some extra lumber from the cut bin at the Depot ($.50-$1 each) in case windows need boarded up.

    Medical Supplies – have some stuff – EMT first responder books and first aid stuff. Just got some neat-o Quickclot coagulant for arterial bleeding (on Amazon) – keep one small pack in each glovebox for auto accidents and a big pack at home. Need to get some antibiotics (on Amazon for fish if you can believe that).

    Gardening – I know many of you guys like heirloom seeds – but watch out, my experience is that they can get ravaged by disease and fungus. IMHO best to have a mix of engineered resistant strains and heirlooms.
    Also working on setting up a rain barrel this year and hopefully will get to try rooftop gardening (got a small yard).
    Also want to try raising chickens this year (the city allows up to 3 I think)…mmmm chicken!

    Faraday cage – in case of EMP (either man-made or natural like solar coronal mass ejection) I’ve read that you can store electronics in an old microwave oven and that should protect the diodes from the EMP…will have to try it out! Should be able to fit the solid state radios and maybe a laptop in there.

    Woodsman Skills – While not a stranger to the woods, I’d sure like to learn/hone some skills re: hunting/fishing/camping/etc. Since I’ve spent most of my cash on the above supplies, camping out is about the only vacation that’s affordable 🙂

    One interesting item: the City of Pittsburgh has garden plots around town that you can use for free. There’s a waiting list…I got on last year and just got my letter that one became available this year. If interested, call Mike Gable Deputy Director for Public Works @ 412-255-2488 – he was very helpful.

    Anyone interested in starting a PGH-Prep Meetup group?


    1) Fuels: collecting gasolene & propane + the usual woods, charcoal, lighter fluid etc. With price of gas I made this top priority.
    2) Water: collecting in drums, 5 gal & 1 gal containers + got a Katadyn filter.
    3) Food: Need lots of canned ground meat – doing this several times a week. Otherwise have pretty much a year’s supply – few items need catching up on
    4) Health/Hygiene/1st Aid/Meds/Cleaning: Got a master list, get these as they go on sale, with cold/flu & aspirin as priorities.
    5) Kits all set up, with a list of things I’d like to have (dont have to have), on my shopping list
    6) I NEED TO GET A GUN….something always comes up on my day off :angry:
    7) Barter & Recovery: got my seeds, manual of survival techniques, tools. Then for barter collecting tobacco, making wine, set aside my extra hand tools.
    8) Projects: Something I’d like to try to build…e.g. solar oven, camp oven
    Got myself a great system:
    First, things I have got to get now….right now…..
    Monthly: things that are a little more expensive, I need to save up for
    Every payday: Everything else I need, especially store sales, etc.
    Every day: go through my list, surely I have some of this stuff laying around the buildings somewhere
    Pretty much have a years supply of all but the gas (& gun!). When done, will use these items, replace each x2 for a 2nd year supply. :clap:

    question all

    Northampton County checking in..

    Lacking focus lately…swing shifts are to blame.

    Since end of Jan:
    3wks food for the family.
    Seeds…lots of ’em
    25g gas

    Still working on:
    “bug out” bag
    “bug out” place
    some sort of viable means to grow said seeds…5gl buckets looking to be the way to go since I have very limited options.

    Hoping to meet up with with some folks at some point in the coming months.

    Be well. :wave:


    ADAMS COUNTY HERE- We are accumulating in several categories- we have developed a plan broken down by these catgories and sub- divided by stationary and mobile and are completing what we have and what we still want to acquire, as well as a timeline for doing so. Categories include food, water, defense, environmental, fuel, first aid and hygiene, currency and barter, etc. I also did some minor gardening last year and want to expand this year. We have a small piece of property so we are looking at space-efficient methods. We have been assembling our own manual of information as well. We are still learning- we are pretty new to this, and are reading, researching and planning every day.


    checking in from Lancaster/Pike counties (I live in Pike during the week and go home to Lancaster on weekends). Have a bugout bag in my truck and open/concealed carry a Ruger SP101.


    Cambria county. Found out that BOTH of us will be losing our jobs as of the end of September, so got busy sending out resumes and putting in job applications. Had an interview (via phone) for a job in another state—should hear later this week. Also SERIOUSLY cut back on spending to save as much money as possible, so doing more eating out of “preps” (still have plenty, though). Paid off a bill, and will be paying off a second one in a couple of weeks. Going through several years’ worth of accumulated “stuff”…deciding what gets sold, “freecycled”, or junked…downsizing in preparation for moving to relocate for jobs. Got 2 vehicles transferred into kids’ names, and got them off of our insurance (a few hundred dollars’ savings there alone).


    Lackawanna county here.
    Haven’t been on the forum in quite some time.
    However I have been busy.

    As the threats we face range from the sublime to the ridiculous the job never ends.

    I have begun collecting silver coinage. (Who knows if that will pan out.)
    Paid off the wifes car.
    Got a new to me truck that is fully tuned with new tires.
    Did manage to stash about 50 gal of treated unleaded.
    Overhauled the kero heater.
    Created a spreadsheet of our food stores to ensure proper rotation.
    Began purchasing some dehydrated foods.
    Purchased some canning jars and and learned how to can. Also have begun making as much from scratch as possible and canning it.
    Took out door frames and overhauled the mounting areas as well as doors and locking mechanisms.
    Developed an adhoc group of 11 people to work with through an extended emergency.
    Establised a communications system.
    Have begun a decent collection of medical and hygine supplies.
    Have stored some baby formula and canned baby food. (We don’t have kids, but imagine the parents that can’t provide for their child. I guess I could eat it too…..)
    The safe is coming along, and each caliber has sufficient parts and ammo.

    There are other areas of all of our preps that demand a little more opsec than would be appropriate on the web.

    I pray every night that I never have to rely on what I have put away.
    Because once that day comes nothing else will matter.


    Philadelphia Here, just got a travel berkey water filter for my wife and I and our baby.

    Need to get water collection barrels and containers
    also food and everything else!

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