Pennsylvania Warrior Dash

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    Hi everyone,
    this has NOTHING to do with prepping, just something fun. Let me give you some background info: about a year and a half ago, a couple of things happened. First, I started teaching diabetes self-management to patients; I realized that if I was going to recommend regular exercise to my patients, I should practice what I preach. So I started walking at an indoor track on our local college campus. However, it is *hard* to stay motivated when life (aka children’s activities! ha ha) frequently gets in the way. I realized I needed some external motivation, a goal…this is the second thing that happened: I discovered somehow (don’t remember) The Warrior Dash. And signed up my whole family for it. I figured — I had 6 months to get ready and I’d already spent the entry fee (plus camping fees at the nearest campground) and I *HATE* to waste money. We all ran our first Dash in June 2011 and had a BLAST! So of course, as soon as this year’s PA Dash date was posted, I signed us all up. June 19, Pocono Speedway. Camping is available at the racetrack but expensive so we are camping at a local state park (where we were last year, even got the same spots).

    These are held all over the world and I think in most states. Go to and check it out. Let me know if you sign up and what time your wave is…maybe we can meet and run together, or at least cheer each other on 🙂

    Happy Trails,

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