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    Hello everyone. For a very long time it has been my dream to stockpile and go live off the land in Idaho or Oregon. I do currently prep. Have a lot of pemmican on hand that’s for sure lol. Realistically with the way our world is heading it’s nuclear war. Actually makes sense, send lots of important people underground, nuke each other, wait 10-15 years and start over. New economy, New population, etc. The fact is people prep but for what? If or when nuclear war comes it will come fast, very fast. First one will detonate in the sky creating an EMP, disabling all electronics, phones, internet, even cars. There will be no calling Joe and Kathy and saying let’s gtfo of here, there will be no jumping in the car and driving 100+ miles to a bug out shelter, and even if you did would you be safe there? Next the nukes will be strategically calculated to hit nuclear weapon facilities, nuclear power sources, military installations, etc. Thousands of nukes will hit the US. Idaho and most of Utah will really be the only two states not completely affected but any nukes as there is no important military installations or nuclear sites. There is a map on Google you can look at that shows potential nuclear targets as well as wind patterns for nuclear fallout and radiation. After that comes nuclear winter, the dust, the radiation, the sulfur, ash, etc will fill the skies creating nuclear winter for at least 10-15 years. So basically what I am saying is if you are not in Utah or idaho when nuclear war happens you are fucked. Than there is the question, are you going to live underground in a 10×10 little bunker with your family for 10 years? If you came up after a year or two could you survive a nuclear winter? How about radiation poisoning? So if shit ever does hit the fan, let’s hope it’s not nuclear war for all our sake.

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