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    Howdy Folks! The idea for this thread came about because of a similar one in ZS and this thread on joining the military.

    One of the key elements to survival is physical fitness. No matter how prepared you are in other areas, things will be very difficult for you in a SHTF scenario if you’re not physically fit. You will be expected to walk, run, and do so while carrying more weight than your used to. Being in shape also has many perks, like better health overall.

    However getting in shape is hard. I’ve had many false starts over the years. My biggest problem has always been staying motivated and setting reasonable goals. Enter this thread.

    I propose that folks who are interested in getting in shape post their fitness and weight-loss goals here and post weekly updates on their progress. This way we can encourage each other to keep going and have a record of our achievement! Hopefully this thread will also encourage others to hop on the bandwagon. So hop on! Set some goals! Even if it’s just walking a mile a day, it’s a start!


    Sounds good, started a week ago, based on another authors advice..
    Working up from a couch potato this year.
    God help all of us to outrun zombies, and those who act like zombies!


    So far, since my job went away due to contract lapse, I’ve been doing more physical labor around the property…more weed pulling/chopping, tree planting, construction projects (cow/goat shed, walk-in chicken coops) etc. plus the usual hay and feed hauling. I’ve dropped 20 pounds (hit my mini-goal) so far…another 20 to go to reach my goal.


    Since February I dropped 30 pounds due to CICO (calories in, calories out). I ate 1500 calories a day, tracking daily. I slacked off tracking as summer started, but stayed close to it. I’ve maintained the same weight now for 2 months, but really need to drop another 10 pounds.

    Husband and I walk daily, he goes 2 miles with the young dog. I can only walk 1 mile with the old dog, she’s doing her best, but she can only go so far.

    I plan to start tracking again, maybe drop to 1300-1400 calories to lose this last bit of weight. Need to do some toning, too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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