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    no way RW…guess you shouldn’t have left all those archives up on Stealth Survival…you knew that i would read through every single one of them twice – didn’t you??? i learned much, my friend!


    I’m going to have to practice my “stealth” mode. :ugeek: Glad you had time to look over some of my older posts. I’ve covered many of the topics that are of concern to a lot of preppers but always look for something new to pass along. Stay warm up there in Canada!


    RW buddy – your archives are full of info that is of use to the newest newbie and the stealthiest survivalist – please don’t ever take them down!

    for anyone stumbling in here, here is a link to RW’s Stealth Survival:” onclick=”;return false

    there is a ton of excellent prepping/survival information on that site!

    (i guess that must be the reason why the site has had over 240,000 hits. yes…two hundred and forty thousand!)


    Kymber is that a lot of hits? I always looked at my page view stats…close to 500,000 now. I should probably try a little harder to increase my traffic a bit. Thanks for the vote of confidence.


    Riverwalker’s In the House! Looks like I missed this thread. Check this out, the man responsible for the first Preppers Network.” onclick=”;return false

    click that link and Pay attention to that beautiful big Lone Star flag flying on the front of that page. Out of every state I’ve driven through, more Texans fly their state flag in front of their homes per capita than any any other states citizens in the union. That’s what I call patriotism.


    Heheheh…I may be in PA now, but I STILL fly my Texas flag!


    RW – your stat counter is such that every single one of your hits is a unique hit…it doesn’t count people who come in more than one time…and it doesn’t count repeaters (people who come back more than once)…so yes buddy – you are one of the few sites that i have seen that has THAT number of “unique” hits….

    and no – you shouldn’t do anything to increase your traffic. your members are already doing it for you. but first…you need a site that people will refer other people to (as people definitely are doing for your site).

    RW – you need to do nothing more. you have already done it! just keep up with the awesome posts!

    IceFire….something told me you were a true Texan….


    North Idaho Patriot. Thanks for the shout out about the Texas Preppers Network! Idaho potatoes…gotta love ’em!

    IceFire….once a Texan, always a Texan! No matter where you happen to be at the moment.

    Kymber…It looks like I can’t hide out on this thread much longer! LOL I may sneak onto a different thread in the forum for a while. Now what looks like interesting reading?

    I also plan on keeping the archives on my posts up indefinitely. So don’t worry about the info being gone anytime soon.


    RW…yep – it’s time for a new thread. don’t worry. i’ll find ya!

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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