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    I think changing the color of the “sticky” threads would help the navigation problem a lot. I think that once you see the effect, you will understand why I say this.



    What on earth happed with the forum.? It’s all black n white now.



    I really miss the mark as spam button, any chance that can be brought back?

    Oh yeah, the message above mine from from
    is clearly spam



    I was able to tag it as spam…still trying to figure out how to remove it.



    Never mind…I guess tagging it as spam removed it. Still trying to figure out this new format.



    This aint a problem with me.I’m mostly cejust wondering. I’ve noticed the 3 lines on each side,and at the top of the page each time i come here.their the ones for index.introduction. and the other coices.


    Can someone tell me where to look for or tell me how you send and/or receive a PM. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find how to do it. Thankx Rick



    Step 1: Click on your Name (pseudonym)
    The page that comes up has a bunch of stuff under your name, and one of those is messages. Click on Compose.

    Yeah, we need some way to push a “tiny FAQ” to people when they come here, since this is different than almost any other thing on the Net.

    Thanks for not giving up.



    Jennifer Kentucky new


    Thankx TRex



    This is my fisrt post on the new format….which I really don’t like. I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve all done a lot of work, but this new format is terribly confusing! On the other forum I could log on and just find a “new posts” icon and all the posts from the forum would come up in order of most recent posts. Is this option available here?

    Also, I really don’t like how the post portion takes up only half the screen while the other half is ads and blank space. I think it would not only look better, but be easier to read if the post section was bigger…at least 2/3 of the screen if not more.

    It looks like a lot of folks didn’t make it to the new site:(



    The forum is struggling with the new format, but still viable.

    To find the “New Posts” look under your name near the same place on your screen where you logged in, and look for “Recent Activity.

    Also, you should click ON your name and look at the screen that comes up for private messages and such.

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    Illini Warrior

    is there a system in place to report some of the garbage postings that have been hitting this website ???????

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