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    I would edit this but don’t see how to do it so if one of the mods could update this I’d appreciate it.

    Go to “CERT” subforum … and the link under “CERT Homepage” is no longer valid ~ change link to join a CERT to

    thanks! itsa



    Spelling Error

    Under Emergency Communications

    Licensed Hams Forum is spelled wrong.


    Jarl Vjklander

    You state the military pooh is for active duty and retired. I don’t know if it is your intent, but that is rather dismissive of us regular veterans who did our time and got out.



    I have the whit back ground overtime im here.guess it’s suppose to be that way.and there’s 3 bars at each of the top cornners.i tap on them.slide out window comes out.but nothing there.



    When I click in the Password window to login this is the “Not Secure” warning I get::
    This connection is not secure. Logins here could be compromised.



    Hi 🙂 new to the area. I was in NC then VA and now we are in southern CA. Anyone else in the area?

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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