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    There are several new posts up. Let’s get some discussion going.

    From “Truer Words”

    I implore every person who reads this, and believes in the nation that was founded 234 years ago, to return to educating ourselves on the principles and words that created it. Go back to the words, but do not just read them. Allow them to enter your mind, your heart, and your soul. Ingrain them in your very being for they will give you the strength to stand up to those who will destroy what we have. Use those words to base your arguments with those who think too lightly of our founding. Use their words to teach the next generation just how precious our liberties are. Use those words as the yard stick to measure the beliefs of any person who asks to lead. Use those words to find your own measure of patriotism. Use those words to relight the divine spark within yourself, to give strength to be the citizen who will “support and defend” all that we hold dear.

    From “Remember the Words”

    When it comes time to walk to the ballot boxes this year, make sure you remember the words of Mr. Lincoln. Do not wait until the general election in November. Go to your primaries, go to your caucuses. Make sure that the names on the November ballots are men and women who, first and foremost, believe that the Constitution IS the LAW. Make sure that we elect statesmen, not politicians. Make sure that those who now sit in the chambers of Congress, are sent packing for their failure to keep their oaths. Put aside politics and parties. Put aside agendas and special interest. Put aside greed and entitlement. Stand up, Speak up, Vote, and help to take our country back from the thieves who would re-write the words that set men free.

    From “Who do you listen to?”

    Can’t be Free if you submit to 60% and more tax rates. Can’t be Free if your mind and will are enslaved by American Idol and the 100 spinoffs of CSI. Can’t be Free if you’re afraid to light a cigarette in a public place, or choose not to wear a seat belt, or exercise your Second-even to defend your family. Certainly cannot be Free if you let your enemies who wish you enslaved teach you and yours, you only get lied to …when you can summon the strength to actually pay attention to the deliberately dulling curriculum.

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