Pollinating indoor food crops?

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    Maybe “crops” is too grand a term for a few pots, but that’s what I have to work with.

    I have a Meyer Lemon that is growing, but not producing even flowers. After a delicate conversation, I was led to believe that the tree is “too young for that sort of thing.” I’ve had it for two years and, as I say, it’s growing very well. I put all of my plants outside in the summer in the hopes that the bees and hummingbirds might visit. We don’t have many bees except for giant bumblebees, but we have a ridiculous number of hummingbirds who get very busy with the other plants.

    Coffee plant, same thing. I got two raspberry bushes because I read that they did not self-pollinate. They had flowers, but the birds got the few berries they produced. Nasty starlings.

    So. Any advice? I tried to get self-pollinating plants, but I am wondering if a) I was mislead b) the plants need counseling c) what I’m doing wrong. I can grow ginger root, potatoes only because they get started by themselves in the bottom drawer, and tomatoes are easy enough.

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