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    Is there sufficient Interest in a WASHINGTON Spring/Summer Campout?

    I propose a Single Long Weekend (Extend for those who Don’t Work, or Who are willing to spend Vacation Days) Campout.

    For Interchange of Prepper Foods, their Preparation Methods, Habitations, BOVehicles/Rigs, Devices, and Fellowship.

    Proposed Timeframe: Sometime between Mid-May and Early July. I would not participate if it was later, as I think it is getting perilously close to when I believe the S will Get Splattered by the Air-Mover. I’m thinking a sort of “Shakedown” for my gear/Plans.

    I propose one of Two Locations: Skate Creek Road Area, or LT Murray Wilderness. Could serve as an Introduction to a Possible Good BOL. For those who Hunt, could serve as a Reconnoiter, as both are reputed Good Hunting Areas (I have struck out at Both – Some Great Hunter, Me! LOL!). I am Certainly Open to other Locations’ Suggestion – I just proposed these two as i know them to be suitable for what I presently have in (My Alleged) Mind.

    Skate Creek is Nearer to the Greater Seattle/Tacoma and Western Washington People Concentration, and is Easily accessible by even little Fuel Efficient Meep-Meeps. Kinda Tight for a Lot of Folks, but I doubt we will get that many. Access to Stores and So On is easier. I believe that all vehicles traversing the whole site will have to be Licensed. You’ll have to bring in most of what ya wanna burn.

    LT Murray is more remote, (Up a Moderately Difficult Dirt/Stone/Mud Road), Larger spacing for folks who want to “Feel” that they are alone. If ya wanna Saw and Split/Transport Wood, a Nearly Unlimited supply is available (for those who want to set up a Wood Gas Power Plant), And there are Multiple places to gather (Competing Camps/Tribes/Trade Fair, anyone?). UTVs, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, ATVs, Quads, Trikes, etc are often used in this area. Room for Shooting?

    Everyone, Please Understand that I am just proposing an “Independent” Movement/Exercise, and that I am in NO Way promoting Myself as an Organiser/Leader/Responsible Party to what evolves. I just would like to participate in something like this, and Share and Learn From Others who are likewise motivated to “Try Their Wings”. I am just trying to be the Spark/Tinder.

    I think it would be good if everyone replied In This Thread, so an Easily Counted Consensus could be in View of all who express Interest.

    I will closely Monitor this Thread, and will answer Questions to the Best of My Ability, but I am sure that there are those whose Knowledge Far Outshines Mine, and will happily defer to those Persons.

    Sound like a Worthy Expense/Effort?

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