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    If you are interested, I am helping to host the Portland event, this is what I am sharing with folks, for your discernment:

    Do you feel a sense of unease thinking about our world today? Thank God that He is waking you up to have “ears to hear and eyes to see” what is happening, and a chance to get ready…spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. According to many prophetic voices, there is a Great Storm coming upon our country and our world, a chastisement for sin and a fiery cleansing of the earth.

    Want to learn more? One voice is Charlie Johnston of Colorado, a faithful Catholic and public figure who has allegedly received words and visions from the Lord and angels for many years about the coming Storm. He has been vetted by several priests, is under priestly direction, but does not have “official” endorsement by the Catholic Church but is not “condemned”, either. (Like all private revelations, if Charlie Johnston’s writings help you grow in your faith and climb higher on the Rock of Salvation which is Jesus, wonderful. If not, ignore him.)

    His main message to listeners is don’t worry about the details of prophecies. Focus on how you, as a faithful follower of Christ, will react when things fall apart and people are under stress. He has this to say to us: “Acknowledge God. Take the next right step. Be a sign of hope to others”. Charlie will be speaking in Seattle Sunday August 9 at 6pm at La Quinta Inn, 4300 Alderwood Mall Blvd, Lynnwood, WA 98036. Seattle coordinator can be emailed at xxxxxxxxxxxx. He will speaking in Portland on Tuesday August 11 at 7pm at St. John Fisher Parish, 7007 SW 46th Avenue, Portland OR 97219. Portland coordinator can be emailed at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    To learn more about Charlie Johnston, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    It is a joy and a blessing to me to be serving as part of the team welcoming Charlie to the West Coast

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