Possible SHTF Retreats?

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    Recently I’ve been thinking about where I could go when TSHTF, namingly places with a good sized lake or river close by for a water source. I’ve found some nice lakes near the small town of Johnston, SC, but I would still be too close for comfort to any other homes in the area. I thought a bit harder and now I’m wondering if Thurmond Lake will still have guards like it does now, considering the fact that everyone will be freaking out and surging towards the cities for supplies, no one will really want to go hang out at the lake during a time of panic.

    Any advice/tips? I’m really considering grabbing up my survival/bug out bag and hiking out to the lake when everything starts going down. There’s plenty of forest to hide in, small game to hunt when food runs out, and obviously there is water for me to purify and drink, all I need to do is to get there without being attacked by any gangs or anyone who wants my stuff.

    Anyone up for joining together once TSHTF? I do prefer to be alone, but since I’m young and relatively inexperienced when it comes to bugging out or prepping, I would like some guidence and some friends I can trust. Feel free to PM me or even E-mail me if you’re interested in being friends (:

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