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    The following information is probably not new to anyone here. This was new to me however. Yes, I do live under a rock. It’s my rock.

    Me and my wife with to a prepper show in OKC this weekend. There was a guy there named “Bob Gaskin”. He was talking about a polar shift and the world was going to stop turning for 3 days and the oceans would flood the planet( or at least the coasts for 300 miles inland). The the planet would start turning the other way. He said this would happen within the next 18 months. I did take a physics class in high school. The amount of energy it would take to stop the earth from spinning would be unreal. However I do think there is someone out there that could put a number on that. I don’t see how my preps at this point do me much good in light of that scenario. I do plan to accelerate my prepping for the short term.

    Y2K- negative result
    2012- negative result

    I have already been marked by my family as a nut job. I start talking about prepping anything and they start looking up places I can get help. Just don’t talk to them anymore about prepping. They also said “We know were to go in event of ?”

    That is another point. Mr. Gaskin said he plans to help and and feed as many persons as possible. The amount of food needed just goes off charts. I did look up some information on pinto beans. It would take about 20 pounds to feed 100 people one meal. I just don’t have enough space for that much food. When you run out of food they will call you a liar, kill you,then figure out that it was the truth and move on. Guess at that point it doesn’t matter your dead.

    This presentation didn’t bother me a little. However this is not the first time some has been wearing the sign “THE END IS COMING”. Nor will it be the last.

    Feedback, thoughts, ect?

    Thanks for reading. Have a Great day.


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