Possibly re locating to Virginia

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    Im currently an Electronics Technician in the navy doing Calibration work.

    Ive been looking at jobs all over the country and picking the ones in states with good politics and gun laws while not being across the country from my family.

    Right now there are quite a few jobs in the Newport News and Norfolk area for calibration that pay about 55 a year. i was wondering if anyone had any inputs on if it was feasible to own a house with a decent amount of land (4-10 acres) out in the boonies and still have a manageable drive to the Hampton roads area (under 45 minutes, not including traffic)

    My family is from Maine but before you all think im a carpet bagging Yankee id like to point out that i am a native born Virginian that loves guns and freedom. my dad was stationed in Norfolk while i was a child and ending up living in VA beach for 11 years.Guess if i came back id be coming full circle .

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