Post-Ebola Syndrome

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    Scientists have been studying the survivors of the last mass Ebola outbreaks and have found that in some cases the virus hides in some immune cells and other spots in the body that the immune system doesn’t touch much.

    “Post-Ebola syndrome” is something else to keep you up at night
    Researchers are only beginning to understand this and may now have monkey model.

    The hardest part of their research is that:

    Most animal models of Ebola infections result in nearly 100-percent fatalities in short order—nixing the chance of developing persistent infections. But Zeng and his colleagues are hopeful that their data can lead researchers to a model of persistence using medically treated rhesus monkeys. The researchers say they’ve already begun work on developing such a model.

    So even when someone has recovered, it doesn’t mean that they are not infectious anymore…


    Just saw another article about an Ebola flare up that was tied to a woman who had been infected by asymptomatic for over a year…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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