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    Posting pics is easy. There several sites that let you store pictures.” onclick=”;return false is one. I tried it and didn’t really car for it. I use
    The first thing you have to do is setup a free account. Pretty much all you do is come with a username and a password. Most sites have a premium service. I don’t use that. The free account is more than you will need. I went to the documents section. I created a new file called “cats”. I found a picture of a cat. I put the cursor on the picture and right ckicked my touch pad. If you are using a mouse to the same thing, right click the picture with the mouse. Wen you right click the picture, a menu will pop up. I double clicked on documents. When you do that all the sub files will open up. I scrolled down till I saw cats. I double clicked on cats. Then you just hit the save button and the picture will be filed in cats.
    I am going to go to photobucket and get that picture.After you register and you go to the site, You will see a big box that has email address or user name. just type in your username. Below that there is a password section. Type in your password and hit the log in button. OK, I am logged on. This takes you to a different screen. Right in the middle of this screen, you will a big blue bar. It has upload images and videos. Click that bar one time. Most of the time it will show you the file of the most recently downloaded. I clicked that blue bar and a window popped up showing the cats file with the picture that I downloaded a few minutes earlier. When this window pops up, click the picture. This will highlight it. Then click the save button and the picture will be uploaded to photobucket. Once you upload the picture, photobucket wants you to give it a title. Make title up
    and click the save and return to gallery. if this was the first picture that I had uploaded, my gallery would have just that one picture in it. This ext step is a little tricky but you will get it down pat after posting a few pictures. Once you are in your gallery, you will see the picture. You have to have a code to post the picture. Hover the cursor over the picture and a box will pop up. It has 4 codes in it. The bottom code is the one you want. It is called IMG code. IMG code is just the name or label. The real code is to the right inside the box. Take your cursor and click the code one time. This highlights the code. Now with your cursor still on the highlighted code, right click the code. A menu will pop up. Click copy and the code will be stored. Once you have done you post and you want to post the picture, I usually hit return and got down to the next empty line. Some of these codes are long. When you are on the empty line right click your touch pad or mouse. A menu will pop up, click paste and the code that you copied on photobucket will be pasted on the forum.
    This is the code for the cat picture. It looks like a code now but when it hit submit. After the post is accepted the picture will be there.This sounds complicated but it’s not. I can download a picture, put it on photobucket and have it on here in about 2 minutes or less.

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