prep mtg williamston, MI feb 20, 2016

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    Hey prepperworld…
    Come join us for a structured prep mtg covering all the usual prep/survival topics..Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 11 am to 2 pm at MT HOPE CHURCH,
    3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI
    church between Williamston and Webberville, surburbs of East Lansing area.
    All are welcome, but please keep in mind we are meeting in a church and most attendees are church going people therefore we acknowledge God and what the Bible says about preparing ahead for hard times. I don’t care if you are aethiest or whatever, everyone is welcome. Just don’t try and debate our beliefs, they aren’t up for debate.
    At the Feb mtg we have a Thrive food consultant coming to talk about freeze dried foods and we will taste test this brand. products avail for sale too. We will have a norwex rep to demo cleaning products. We will cover benefits of storing salt for curing meat and canning. We have an RN that will cover first aid and herbal meds. Other topics as we have time. Come join in and learn and let us learn from you. please rsvp to me thru here.

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