PREP TEST: DAIRY & Eggs-Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Products

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    I purchased the can from MRE Depot and it is the Future Essentials brand. When I opened the can, it was surprisingly full. There was a noticable order that smelled faintly like iron / metal (and it was not the can.)

    No directions were on the label so I used the directions from the Honeyville site (2 tablespoons product to 4 tablespoons water.) As a comparison, I also pulled an egg out of the refrigerator and scrambled that. Here is the precooked pictures:

    Then I microwaved both dishes for one minute and the powdered egg product overflowed the dish in the microwave (requiring a quick cleanup.) Here is what they looked like after cooking.

    Taste: there is one word to describe the powdered eggs: YUCK! It was awful and that metalic smell became a faintly metallic taste. I’m assuming that I can use this in a recipe (and will try it when time permits) but as a scrambled egg or omlet – No Way Jose! In a pinch you could drown it with pancake syrup to mask the taste.

    Pros: shelf life
    Cons: taste
    Would I buy it again? Not unless it can be used for baking/recipes.
    Since eggs can he held for several months I’d rather go out and purchase 5 dozen eggs (for less money) and stick them in the fridge.

    P.S. If you don’t see both egg dishes, go up to the top of your screen, select View and then Zoom Out (until you see both dishes.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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