PREP TEST: FRUITS-Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Products

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    Food obtained from AAOOB and packed/labels by Rainy Day Food line at Walton Feed.

    This was the one I was most looking forward too. As with all their foods, the directions were basic: “Rehydrate desired amount with boiling water.” They further state that “1 part freeze dried = 7 parts fresh prepared”. So into my trusty pot of boiled water they went for one minute.

    I love bananas, so you can imagine my surprise when these had a very faint banana taste to them. Since they had been rehydrated in boiling water they were mushy. I tried a few dry (not rehydrated.) They had a banana taste, but with a metallic aftertaste that was unpleasant. Would I buy them again? No!

    Alternative suggestion: purchase fresh bananas and cut them in half. Dip them in chocolate coating and put a stick in the end (kits available in most grocery fruit sections). Once frozen, I wrap them in aluminum foil and they hold well for about six months. They are a healthy alternative to ice cream and provide a great banana snack.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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