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    Tonights (not quite so gourmet) entree was Beef Stroganoff by Mountain House

    Photo taken July 02, 2010

    Serves 2 at 310 calories a serving. The picture above is the entire package.

    Ease of use is excellent. Just pour in 2 cups of boiling water, close up the top of the package, wait 9 minutes, stir and serve.

    Taste: A little blander than I expected. Not bad, but not gourmet fare either. You can taste the small, thin strips of beef and the occ. mushroom bit. Prior to adding the water, I was surprised that all the noodles looked like they were folded accordian style. Most of them relaxed in the water to look like normal noodles, but many still had a curled appearance on serving.

    Pros: easy to make, ample serving size, edible, light weight package

    Cons: taste could be better, I would not want to eat this 2 times a week for an extended period of time. I wish it had some vegetables in it (or anything to give the taste a kick.)

    Caveat: Everyone’s taste buds are different. Personally, I like things very sweet and not spicy. If I’m calling it bland, it’s really bland! I can’t even gag down a bowl of chili. It is STRONGLY recommended that you test your preps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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