Preparedness Month snuck up on me?

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    😳 here it is almost middle of the month… and I blew another golden opportunity to spread the word!

    Had hoped to do a Preparedness Expo here in the Beaver County area this month to coat-tail the FEMA push-
    Guess they have tied Emergency Preparedness into the 9/11 event by making Sept their month?

    Still may try to work something out, but it probably will drag into Oct or Nov til an event occurs.
    Looks like work has me the next couple weekends anyway…

    Hope to approach the local schools midweek anyway with some FEMA info at least.
    As a member of the local municipal Emergency Mgmt staff, its part of our mission anyway.
    Also will contact some friends who are involved with fraternal organizations.
    Least hope to get a flyer together for them with reference to emergency preparedness.

    Any thoughts???? :surrender:

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