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    Just thought I would share this for those of you who are interested. Looks like it might be pretty big.

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    Space available for Vendors or to share your expertise! Secure your spot today:

    Indiana Prepper & Survival Expo

    May 2nd & 3rd, 2015
    9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Porter County Expo Center

    Largest preparedness & sustainable living event in Northwest Indiana.

    If the power went out for several days, would you and your family be ready? How about in the middle of winter? What if you were given a half hour notice that you had to evacuate your home. Consider the reverse, what if there was a pandemic and you had to stay in your home for a week or two? If you have never given this serious thought, now is the time to learn from the experts.

    Everything you need & want to know to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters, pandemics and other emergency issues that could affect our daily lives in the Midwest. This family friendly event meant for everyone, from those with little experience to the most experienced Preppers, and everyone in between.


    Vendor Exhibit Hall ● Skill Building Pavilion ● Certification Classes ● Club Recruitment ● First Aid Training ● Rescue Demonstrations ● Animal Swap ● Farmer’s Market ● Workshops ● Hands on Activities ● More

    Featuring Workshops, Demonstrations & Products with Information about:

    2nd amendment and Common Core Education
    Animal Husbandry & Backyard Farming
    Animal Tracking
    Alternative Energy/Generators/Biofuels
    ATV’s /Trailers/ Off Road
    Breathing and Oxygen Systems
    Bug out Supplies & Bags
    Building a Root Cellar
    Building an Essential Oils First Aid Kit
    Building Earth Shelters and Bunkers
    Building Homebrew Equipment
    Butchering Livestock at Home
    Camping Equipment
    Canning and other food preservation techniques &
    Concealed Carry
    Conserving Water
    Cooking off the Grid and the Eco-Kitchen
    Cooking with Freeze Dried Foods
    Crafting Skills
    Curing Meat and Fish
    Currency alternatives & investing in gold and silver
    Dehydrated Food
    Drying fruit, herbs & vegetables
    Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
    Safe and Fast Evacuation
    First Aid & Emergency Medical Supplies
    Foraging for Wild Plants
    Fuel Storage and Battery Supplies
    Growing & Gardening Undercover
    Hand to Hand Combat and Self Defense
    Heat & Fuel Options
    Home Security
    Homeopathic Health and Natural Remedies
    Hunting, Trapping, Fishing & Gathering
    Hydroponics & Aquaponics
    Long Term Emergency Shelters
    Medicine & Hygiene
    Military Surplus Equipment, Clothing, Camouflage, and
    Tactical Gear
    Pet Care Preparedness
    Post-Collapse Barter, Trade and Investing
    Preserving the Harvest
    Processing your own meat
    Putting up Stone Walls
    Raising chickens / rabbits / goats
    Reactive Shooting Targets
    Security, Surveillance, Body Armor, and Protection
    Self Reliance and Survival Skills
    Sharpening Hand Tools
    Situational Awareness
    Smoking your own food
    Soil & Fertility
    Survival Gardening
    Training for Disaster
    Urban Survival
    Water & Food Storage Options
    Water Purification and Filtration
    Wild Edibles – mushrooms, fruits, nuts
    Wilderness Survival
    Wind and Water Power
    Wood and Solar Cook Stoves & Ovens

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