Prepper family in Wilsall

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    Hi all. Good to see others from Montana, here!

    My wife and I are HAM operators and prior Air Force. During the past 10 years, I was a professional and a volunteer fire fighter and my wife was an EMT. We’re no longer doing that but the knowledge and skills are still there. Prior to that, I was lead weapons instructor for the National Protection Agency and my wife was a postal worker. Prior to that, and after the Air Force, I was a state certified DES Coordinator in Nebraska. However, with no open positions, I used that in a volunteer status. Today, we have a small film production company and enjoy traveling around the western US while filming. We’ve recently started a hydroponics project and if our first attempt at this results in a promising outcome, we’ll look at expanding it to cover several acres of our 60 acre property.

    That’s us, in a nut shell. Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you!

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