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    Hello all…i had my blinders taken off last year and have been trying my best within my means to prep ever since. I’m living in NW Ohio and would like to make regular contact with other like minded individuals. Just a bit about me and what i have to offer…i’m a recent graduate that obtained my degree just in time for a full scale economic meltdown in ’08 :smartass: (hence woking 2 part time jobs and scraping by), i’m an avid outdoors enthusiest, camping, hiking, fishing…you name it and i’m there! I proficient with anything that goes bang, with pistols being my forte :gunshooting: . I attended a state certified police academy which only strengthened my knowledge and proficiency with firearms and also gave me a base in self-defense/control techniques/ground fighting. I recently found that i have a “green thumb” and enjoy putting in my vegetable garden each spring. For a young male i am an excellent cook, and also strive to constantly expand my knowledge o survival skills; including wild edibles, fire starting, cooking in the wild techniques, trapping, fishing, etc. I’m a manual labor workhorse and enjoy getting out to work during the warmer months. Currently i’m working on the ever on-going mission of my personal and family preparedness, but it’s hard when your family members, the same ones im also preparing for in case of the gloomy future that may be coming, think your “paranoid” and “crazy” :crazy: . I would love to meet a well organized group within my geographic area and work on developing a good relationship with for the purpose of developing/joining a retreat in case of the worst case scenario. Hopefully i will find people with the same, or at least tolerable, temperment of myself that know what they are doing and aren’t just gung-ho and like to think they know what they are doing. People must be level headed and open minded without an ego or controlling/authoritarian tendencies :shakeno: . If we are to survive a possible worst case scenario, we have to work together and get along! Thanks for reading and please, any and all, comment or message back! I would love to share anything info/knowledge i have and am always searching out more to add to my repitoir! God bless and Laus Deo!

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