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    So I just learned of this tonight, and tried to participate, but had no one within range.

    I will repost the page I found:

    This is NOT a preparedness meeting, but a preparedness Ham Radio Net that meets weekly on Tuesday nights at the below frequency.

    Prepper Net Every Tuesday night at 8:30PM CST on 151.8200 Mzh Some folks have come together and chosen a frequency or channel that all preppers can use. They assume that you probably have a Baofeng or Wouxun type radio, or other radio capable of transmitting in the MURS band. We picked this frequency because you do not need a license. You do not need to be a ham radio operator. Just program 151.820 into your radio and label it as PREP. It is our intention to have as many members of our community as possible to use this frequency. Every Tuesday night at 9:30pm est just monitor that channel. At some point, after we get enough people, you may begin to actually have contacts on that channel. Perhaps you are going to travel and you may find preppers on that channel. Time Zones:

    4:30PM HST
    5:30PM AKST
    6:30PM PST
    7:30PM MST
    8:30PM CST
    9:30PM EST

    I was hoping to stir the pot and get more folks involved.

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