Prepper value of fireworks?

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    While I was enjoying the 4th of July the thought came to me do any of these fireworks have any prepper value?

    Cannon fuse definitely does for other improvised projects.

    Large smoke bombs could be used for obscuration purposes. On they down side they don’t last too long or put out a truly useful amount of smoke so you’d have to have a half dozen to get the desired effect.

    Pull snaps, good for alerting you of others approach or tampering with things. They aren’t too loud so you’d either have to modify them (which I wouldn’t recommend). Also there are other methods to have early warning.

    Strobe Lightning flash, these used to play hell with night vision and still messes up your night adaptation. These only last a few seconds though.

    Black cats in a tin can sound an awful lot like gun fire. They don’t have the cadence of gunfire but it would draw someone’s attention. Consider setting them off remotely and the value of making someone think you’re shooting at them and you’re somewhere you’re not, even temporarily.

    Rockets with or with out report, Mortar shells, Stink bombs (not usually at firework stands but in a close enough category I decided to throw it in). These would potentially scare people off at about the same level of effectiveness as flood lights and speakers. The disadvantage I see is a determined assailant would not be deterred.

    Any other suggestions observtions?

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