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    I just wanted to comment on how great those that prep are to one another.

    I had a phone call transferred to me early this week. The customer needed some information about one of your tactical lights. We started talking and I learned that he was a “survivalist” and I said I am also a prepper. Doug (customer) starts going on and on about how good this amish food is that he stocks up on. Telling me how they taste so much better compared to MREs (which doesn’t take much…I’ve eaten my fair share of MRE’s in the Army). Doug tells me about this great canned bacon, so I ask him if he’s referring to Yoder’s Bacon. He says yes and I say that I’ve heard it’s very tasty, but I haven’t purchased any to try. Well, thursday comes and our shipping guy comes over to my bench and hands me a box. He said how did you get this sent to you. Here Doug sent me a can of Yoder’s bacon to try. I thought that was a really nice gesture and in return I’ll hook him up on his light repair.

    Situations like this is why I am happy to meet fellow preppers…be it a local group or folks that are from other states/countries. Seems like preppers are kind folks that want to share not only their passion for life, but also share things that they value in their plans. I am greatful to Doug for sending this for me. It was totally unexpected and I look forward to getting in touch with him so that I can thank him for his kindness. I think all of this was sparked by our conversation that I would help him with his light.

    I want to have a taste testing with the bacon since we also have canned butter and cheese. I figured I could get my friends to come over and we can all see how good these items are to eat. I just know that it’s too much cheese for me to eat by myself.

    I suppose in conclusion, my purpose of starting this thread is to say that it’s easy to meet preppers in everyday conversation. Just take some time to talk to strangers and you might be surprised in what topics you cover. Who knows, you might end up meeting some really good friends in the process. Doug lives in FL, and I am hoping he hunts…because I’d like to make some friends in other states, so I can “use” them to crash at their place while I hunt. Of course I would offer the same in return.

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