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    From the APN blog:

    Here is a video about Preppers on Russia Today. Now I didn’t even know about this one, and as a matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t have found out about it had it not been forwarded to me. But here you will get the opportunity to see Joe Parish from the Delaware Preppers Network. Congratulations Joe! I think you did good.

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    Prepping covers a wide range of topics from homesteading and gardening, to emergency preparedness and disaster skills, to alternative energy and even survivalism and off-grid living. All of these topics have one thing in common: Self-Reliance. Joe is a great writer and believer in the concept of self-reliance. In his writings he covers the survival and patriotic topics real well, and I believe he should have the light shown upon him for his efforts and contributions to teach others these valuable skills.

    I do want to point out one line in the video that David said in the interview that I’m sure some will try to take out of context to further their own biased agenda. He mentioned something about being “forced to kill” I want everyone to think about this for a moment because it is a very real statement if you understand the context. In any major disaster you will find out that the best always comes out of humanity in order to help our fellow man and to eventually rebuild afterward. But unfortunately, you will find out that when people are hungry, the worst will also come out. In extreme times of need, good people sometimes do bad things. This is what David was referring to. Those who fail to prepare will find themselves hungry and thirsty during a disaster. If it is a prolonged disaster with no relief in sight, these unprepared individuals will be forced to make decisions that they never would have thought to make. Survival is an instinct. Preparedness is not. If you are not prepared, your instinct to survive will kick in. Natural instinct is often times more powerful than the strongest human will. Try to hold your breath until you pass out. Most people cannot do it, period. Your instinct to breathe will take over and overpower your will. If someone is suffocating you, your instinct will be to fight with all your might. If you have a gun or a knife, you will use it to survive. Now apply that to hunger. It has happened many times throughout history during disasters or extreme situations where good people have done horrible things just in order to eat. Now imagine yourself as someone who is prepared and had your food stored and you find yourself at knife-point by someone who is willing to kill you for your food. There have been many situations where people have had to make the choice to kill or be killed.

    Now imagine, if you would, a situation where the majority of people have taken it upon themselves to get prepared and stored adequate amounts of food and water and where that instinct to do whatever it takes to eat doesn’t even come into play. What you get is a situation where no matter the disaster, your instinct to fight to live doesn’t override your will to do the right thing. What you get is a situation where people can work together to rebuild and not fight to survive.

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