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    Preparing my children without scaring them is something I personally battle. We are a close family and the children are involved, my oldest helped put together the BOB’s. The kids loved learning new ways to start a fire aside from using a match. But many times they ask why. Why do we need to have an alternate meeting place? Why would we not be able to get food from the store? I always answer that we do what we do to make sure we are safe and that we will always be able to take care of them. Whether earthquake, flood, or an economic issue, our goal as a family is to be prepared.

    I am curious how other parents deal with the children and prepping. We are relatively newbies in the prepper world so the children have witnessed changing our lifestyle. Any stories, advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sharing the Preparedness Message w/ Children
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    This thread is being started as a result of something that was posted,today, that got me thinking:
    My “Prepper” Daughter

    @Shelli wrote:

    I was talking to my daughter as I was washing dishes this morning. She’s getting old enough to keep a running dialogue with. anyway, I was washing one of her tubes (she’s tube-fed) and it would not come clean, which happens. So I said, “It’s time to throw this one out.” She said, “Mom, how many more do we have left?” To which I said, “5”. She said, “Mom, when we get down to three, maybe we should get some more, just in case.”

    I LOVE IT! 🙂

    @ReadyMom wrote:

    😀 . I guess, as a Mom,I don’t have to tell you that behind that comment *could* be a bit of fear of ‘what if’,now that she is old enough to“keep a running dialogue with”, she has also been gaining the ability to process and come to some conclusions as she is getting older.

    When the kids are little, we have to find a way to balance prepping to make it an ‘every day’ part of our family life, as well as presenting it in a way that makes the kids a bit scared that we are preparing for ‘bad stuff’ that *may* happen. This might be a good topic for a separate thread! How do other families introduce ‘prepping’ to their kids? (especially if it is something you had NOT done before? ) -k

    So …. How DO you share the prepping message to the children in YOUR life? What has their response been? Do you see a change in your children after you began home prepping? -k


    Something else to think about, as we get the kids ready for going back to school. They need to be ‘prepped’ for situations that might arise, at their school. BUT … it needs to be done without scaring them. What are some of YOU doing about this? HOW are you doing it? WHAT is your kids reactions, as you talk about it with them?

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