Prepping on a Teen’s Shoestring budget.

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    Hey everyone I am someone who after hearing about the Free State Project has decided to move, when I”m 18, to New Hampshire due a larger concentration of libertarians there…and since I’m interested in prepping I need to know of several things. 1. What stores, etc. in NH would be good places to buy stuff for my preps….and 2. How the heck do I prep on a 17 year old’s shoestring budget…especially since it’s almost impossible for me to find a job, and thus I’m stuck with the 50 dollars a month my grandma gives me for the things I do around the house….so since for now at least, I’m limited to that…any suggestions on what I can do to prep? Oh and my grandma who is my legal guardian refuses to give any money toward the preps since 1. We’re on a tight budget, and 2. She sees it as completely unnecessary, since after all, “it can’t happen in the America, and even if did, the government will come and help” :rolleyes: So…suggestions?

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