Prepping While Broke

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    I’m new at this myself, so I definitely don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I do have a couple suggestions for other broke preppers! Keep in mind, these are just suggestions from my own personal experience and everyone’s situation is different.

    1. Become acquainted with coupons if you haven’t already. I devote $25-$50 each month (depending on how our finances are) to couponing. With that money I buy 2-4 newspapers each Sunday (depending on how good the coupon inserts are), and everything that I can get throughout the month for a steal. By combining sales or clearance items with coupons, I have been able to stock up on (at least) a year supply of all hygiene products from shampoo to tooth paste to deodorant, a good amount of seasoning packets and gravy mixes, feminine products, a very well stocked medical kit (from butterfly closures to braces to cough drops and everything in between!), and more! All for just pennies on the dollar of what it retails for. (That’s not an exaggeration, either.)

    2. Thrift stores are underrated. Whether you need materials to try a new DIY project, clothes that you can get dirty in and not have to worry about, or odds and ends for your home – thrift shops should always be the first place you look! One thing to keep in mind with this though – it’s always hit or miss. Because thrift shops are filled solely with donated items, you never know what you’re going to find and the saying, “Here one day, gone another” DEFINITELY applies. If you see it and need it – grab it before someone else does! I have seen everything from canning supplies to food processors to radios all for a price that could be considered a steal.

    3. Don’t just prepare your stockpile, prepare your mind. Knowledge is power. Think about it. Few people these days use cursive when writing, but because you learned it in school all those years ago, you could probably read it or write that way if you had to. Same goes with other skills. Sure, practice makes perfect and if you don’t use it for too long then you’ll lose it, but some information is better than none! Want to learn how to garden or make your own weapons or heat a room with no electricity? Google it. Find a forum or post on here and see what advice others can give. Check and see if your local library or community center offers free seminars or classes. Find a cheap book at the thrift store! Borrow a book from the library. Since you are online reading this right now, all the information you could ever need is literally at your fingertips.

    And finally…

    4. Become part of a community of like-minded people. Whether it is here on APN or in your own home town, there is strength in numbers. Learn from others. Offer whatever advice or information you have. Engage in bartering/trading! Having a group of people to support you and encourage you is not just free – it’s priceless.

    Sure, there are a lot of things we would all like to have but don’t have the funds for, but there are also a lot of ways we can prep on a budget. I know I’m new here and may not be in a position to offer up advice like this, but I know what it’s like to read through these posts and wish I had the means to have everything right now! Prepping is a process but not just that, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t be discouraged and quit – fight for it and press onward!

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